Keira’s Progress: Five Months

Keira is nearing six months now, having turned five months on December 23. Time seems to be flying by! It seems like just yesterday that she was born at home, in our apartment in a birthing pool. Although this was my fourth completely natural home birth (Yes, with no epidural. Most women who find this … Continue reading

Adrianna’s Quote of the Day: Playing Mommy (plus, Halloween pics)

It can be funny how kids sometimes learn about the “norms” of how things are supposed to be in life, or how they are supposed to act. I mean, they aren’t born knowing everything about how things are supposed to be. They learn most things from other people and the world around them. For instance, … Continue reading

Screem Fest!

This year, I think we celebrated Halloween to its full potential. Not only are the girls getting old enough to really know what’s going on and appreciate trick-or-treating (well, except for Keira, who is three months old), we took Jaiden to Screem Fest at Canobie Lake Park. The last time I went to Halloween haunted … Continue reading

The Joy of Selling Cub Scout Popcorn

October 24 Today, Jaiden and I made a feeble attempt at my most-dreaded of all Cub Scout activities – selling popcorn. This fundraiser comes along every October and, honestly, I just don’t want to do it. First of all, he is too young to go by himself and it has been nearly impossible for me … Continue reading

Adrianna’s Quote of the Day: Wise Words to Her Baby Sister

Adrianna, a wise three-year-old, explaining life to Keira, her three-month-old baby sister: “Baby, when you grow up, you’re going to learn to play with toys because you already learned how to hold a spoon.” (Adrianna was handing Keira a plastic spoon to grip yesterday.) “I already learned how to play with toys because I’m a … Continue reading

Turkish Food in Brookline, and Pics

Yesterday, my parents invited us to go eat in a Turkish restaurant in Brookline, which is close to where my brother lives in Jamaica Plain. My parents had eaten at the restaurant before, and my dad really liked it so he wanted to go back. Even though it is a Turkish restaurant, it’s called Family … Continue reading

Getting Back into Writing

A blogging cat.

Although I was a prolific journal-writer in high school, since growing up and having my kids, I’ve struggled with finding the time and inspiration to write. Could blogging be the answer?

The Beginnings of Being Mommy

One of the topics that I will obviously be writing about is my kids and being a mom to them! I have three kids. The oldest, Jaiden, was born in April of 2003. Five years later, I had Adrianna in May of 2008, and then 14 months after that, Alyssandra was born in July of … Continue reading

Naptime, Tanturms, and Baby Bonding

This was a great day with my baby girls in which I took the time to realize how lucky I am to have them as my little companions! Also, how I deal with toddler tantrums.

Celtics Game

Last week, the hubby and I went to a Celtics game at the Boston Garden. They were playing the New York Knicks. It was my Valentine’s Day present to him. I was pretty proud of myself for surprising him with something he really liked. (It had been between that and an iPod. But since he … Continue reading