A Hot, Hot Day in Fanuiel Hall, Boston, with My High School Bestie

One of my high school besties, Michelle, comes to visit Boston from Illinois for a few days about once a year, when she’s transporting her kids to or from her ex husband.  She keeps her girls during school and her ex takes them for Christmas and summer vacations, since they live in different states.  Since … Continue reading

Adrianna’s Quote of the Day: Wise Words to Her Baby Sister

Adrianna, a wise three-year-old, explaining life to Keira, her three-month-old baby sister: “Baby, when you grow up, you’re going to learn to play with toys because you already learned how to hold a spoon.” (Adrianna was handing Keira a plastic spoon to grip yesterday.) “I already learned how to play with toys because I’m a … Continue reading