A Hot, Hot Day in Fanuiel Hall, Boston, with My High School Bestie

One of my high school besties, Michelle, comes to visit Boston from Illinois for a few days about once a year, when she’s transporting her kids to or from her ex husband.  She keeps her girls during school and her ex takes them for Christmas and summer vacations, since they live in different states.  Since … Continue reading

Coffees and Creamers

November 2011 White Chocolate Raspberry International Delight Coffee Creamer Excellent. Even though it’s called “white chocolate raspberry,” to me it tastes like a raspberry-filled chocolate was picked out of a box of assorted chocolates and melted into your coffee. I’m impressed by this one!

Strawberry Shortcake

Okay, pretty much everyone probably knows how to make strawberry shortcake if you aren’t making the shortcake from scratch.  You buy the “shortcake” sponge cake cups at the store, slice some strawberries, toss them with some sugar, place on top of sponge cake and cover with whipped cream from a can.  (The whipped cream could … Continue reading