About Me (and Writing)

I am a mother of four — ten-year-old Jaiden, five-year-old Adrianna, four-year-old Alyssandra, and two-year-old Keira (as of Fall of 2013).

As (mostly) a stay-at-home mom, my life isn’t all that out of the ordinary, so I started this blog without really knowing what I was going to write about; only knowing that I have always loved to write and “wanted to be a writer” since I was young.

As a child, I had a million story ideas flowing through my head, which, for some reason, seemed to disappear as I became acquainted with the unfantastic reality of adult life. I also used to fill journal after journal with whatever was going on in my life up until I became a mom and no longer had so much time to waste on my own hobbies.

In college, I majored in journalism, less because I wanted to be a journalist than because it was the only degree that concentrated on writing besides English, and I didn’t want to be an English teacher.ย  After college, I worked freelance (as a “stringer”) for a local daily newspaper for about a year, but that job ended when the paper had to make budget cuts and got rid of stringers.

Since then, I have had various part-time jobs including proofreading from home; working a few hours in customer service at a supermarket; and as calendar editor for patch.com, filling calendars with events for two towns and also writing about one article per week, from home. However, all of those jobs except the customer service one ended because of budget cuts (surprise, surprise in today’s economy).

But aside from my part-time jobs, since having my son at 21, I have mainly been a stay-at-home mom. I have been a mom/online college student, a mom/stringer, a mom/part-time customer service clerk, a mom/proofreader, and a mom/calendar editor, but always primarily a mom.

So, in an attempt to try to get back into writing for myself, I decided to start a blog for the purpose of rambling about whatever goes on in my life and whatever I feel like!

A blogging cat.

When I started this blog, I asked myself the questions that a lot of beginning bloggers probably wonder about: Will what I write be interesting? Will anyone read my blog? But what I’ve come to decide is that it doesn’t really matter! If people read my blog and like it, then that’s great! But I’m writing for a few specific reasons, and those include:

To get back into writing for myself. The more you write, the more you get the hang of it and the better you get at it.

To save memories of my kids lives that I might otherwise forget. Like journal writing. To keep track of their milestones, the cute things they say and the fun things we do, to hold on to these memories for them in the future.

In today’s day and age, I guess blogging is the new journaling. So here it goes!

One Response to “About Me (and Writing)”
  1. miamamma35 says:

    I wanted to start a blog for the same reason…and as busy moms it seems more feasible that we can put our time to blogging more so than writing some lengthy novel. At least for now. Maybe someday we’ll find the time!!!

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