A Hot, Hot Day in Fanuiel Hall, Boston, with My High School Bestie

One of my high school besties, Michelle, comes to visit Boston from Illinois for a few days about once a year, when she’s transporting her kids to or from her ex husband.  She keeps her girls during school and her ex takes them for Christmas and summer vacations, since they live in different states.  Since Mia is only eight and not old enough to fly alone yet, that means I get a chance to spend some time with Michelle! 

This time, we met in the Fanueil Hall area of Boston, since her uncle lives right there.  I brought Aly and Keira with me, but Jaiden and Adrianna wanted to stay with Grammy and Grandaddy.  On trips like this, I don’t mind having a few less kids with me, since it’s less kids to keep track of and less expensive to buy lunch!

I love visiting Fanueil Hall, especially to go to the food court in Quincy Market, which has just about every type of food. However, today was excruciatingly hot.  It has been in the mid 90s for days now, and humid, so the heat is just about unbearable.  But it was worth it to see my high school bestie! 

Since it was 94 degrees out, we needed to keep drinking! Michelle was nice enough get the girls a “pink drink” from Starbucks (refresher with coconut milk).

They have every type of food in the Quincy Market food court! I got Indian food and bubble tea, Michelle got a lobster roll and clam chowder (getting seafood is a must for her when she visits Boston!), Aly got a cheeseburger (Michelle told her she’s nothing like her vegetarian mother), and all Keira wanted was a fruit cup.

You would think that the humid, 94 degree temps would keep people inside.  But no!  Everything was extremely crowded, with people everywhere. We couldn’t find a seat to eat out lunch inside of Quincy Market, so we had to go outside. 

We found a table to eat lunch in the partial heat, but it was still smoulteringly hot. 

Ok, Snapchat.. If you could not turn the temperature sideways on me..

I have to get bubble tea every time I come to Quincy Market, since it’s still hard to find in the suburbs of Boston!

After lunch, we found AC in Newbury Comics. This was one of our favorite stores in high school, so it brought back lots of memories. And the girls loved it! Aly wanted to buy a Harley Quinn POP! doll and Keira wanted a Nemo stuffed animal. Things to keep in mind for Christmas! 

Michelle loves to play Pokemon Go, and found some Pokemon along the way.

Snapchat selfies!

Me and my baby Keira, finding some air conditioning in Michelle’s uncle’s apartment building!

Aly relaxing in the AC! ​

Still good friends, 17 years after high school! Are you still good friends with any of your high school friends, years after high school? Tell me in the comments!


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