Cool cloud

I told my husband, “Take a picture of that cool cloud!” as we were driving down the highway.

“What cool cloud?” He asks. The long one just above the horizon, of course!

“You don’t notice that?” I ask him. “The sky is beautiful. You have to notice the beauty of the world. It’s one of the things that makes life worth living.”

He rolls his eyes at me but takes a few shots with my iPhone anyway.

20130913-112257.jpgWell, I would have done it myself but he would have yelled at me for taking pictures while driving. It’s definitely happened before!

See, one of the main things about me that anyone who knows me knows is that I am obsessed with taking photos. I take photos of everything, all the time. I record practically everything we do in photos. Why? I don’t know. I just love photography and feel the need to record everything.

Since I was a kid I have not only been taking pictures and making albums {with those old-fashioned cameras that actually used film you had to develop. Remember those?}, but I also filled notebook after notebook with journal entries.

Today, I don’t get much time to journal {but I am starting to work on my blogging more!} but my iPhone is constantly snapping pictures. In fact, I actually killed an iPhone with photo-overload. They said this shouldn’t kill an iPhone, but I had 2000 photos on it at one point plus music, maxing out the memory, so I don’t see any other explanation. The iPhone kicked the bucket and thank goodness for Apple care!

So, me taking pictures all the time is something that those around me have to put up with. Especially my husband. It does annoy him sometimes, especially when I’m trying to take pictures of him, but he puts up with me. Hey, he chose me and this was part of the deal! Haha..

Are you, or someone you know, constantly taking pictures of everything? Do any of your hobbies annoy your significant other?

Xoxo, Jesika


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