Corporation Beach, Dennis, Cape Cod

I am lucky enough to live close enough to Cape Cod that I can be at a really nice beach within half an hour. and this year, I finally have more freedom to do so. Now that Keira has just turned two and out of the baby-baby stages, we have gotten to the point where I can somewhat comfortably take my children to the beach by myself.


One thing that is still important for a stress-free day at the ocean, though, is finding a beach where the water stays relatively shallow for awhile and the waves are pretty mellow. While huge waves might be fun for older kids and good swimmers, with me having to watch three five-and-under, I want to be able to relax a bit and not worry about my little-ones being knocked over by waves and sucked in by the currant!

20130728-170513.jpg Well, Corporation Beach in Dennis is one such beach. Being on the North side of the Cape, it stays shallow for awhile, has small waves, and is perfect for the kids to have a good time without me having to be directly on top of all three if them at once! So this was my first successful trip to the ocean without the help of any other “adult!”

So please enjoy these pics from our trip to Corporation Beach in Dennis, Cape Cod {MA}!

20130728-170553.jpgPlaying in a tide pool!

20130728-170627.jpgFun with sand toys!

20130728-170711.jpgKeira’s sand castle.

20130728-170756.jpgJaiden helping his sisters.

20130728-170830.jpgI love this shot of seagulls flying.

20130728-170908.jpgWhat’s that?


20130728-171429.jpgKeira loves the beach!

20130728-171633.jpgBeach selfie.

How often do you take your kids to the beach?  If you have little ones, how does it go?

Xoxo, Jesika


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