Keira’s Progress: Keira Turns One!

Yesterday was my baby Keira’s first birthday. When we found out there would be a new addition to our family, one could assume that it would be a bit overwhelming to have four kids, and three three-and-under. But from the moment she entered our lives, she has been the greatest joy, and we couldn’t imagine life without her!

She is always happy and enthusiastic about everything. She loves the chaos of her siblings and is entertained by them all day long. She loves to explore, attacks everything she does with full determination, loves to snuggle, and gives the biggest hugs. And when we go out, one of her siblings may act up, but Keira is always perfectly content and never gives us a single problem (except now trying to climb out of her high chair in restaurants). I couldn’t be happier with this sweet baby, and her joining our lives is the best thing that could have happened to our family! ♥


Keira, almost 12 months, July 2012

July 24.

Keira turned one yesterday!

Standing and learning to walk

She is the sweetest, happiest baby and loves to crawl everywhere and get into everything.  She also stands up on her own but has yet to take more than one step on her own. She does walk if you hold her hands and walk with her, though.  She started pulling herself up to stand while holding on to things at 8 months, which was definitely the earliest that any of my girls have done this.

Keira standing at 11 months.

I have pictures of Jaiden doing it at 6 or 7 months, and I looked back at these pictures after his sisters were born, 5 plus years later, I wondered if I had marked his age right on the pictures. Six months seemed so young to be standing up, especially compared to his sisters who may have started doing it around 10 months or so.  (I’ll have to look back at my notes for the exact timing. I know, I fail as a mother not remembering all of these milestones off the top of my head!  But it gets confusing to remember them all when you have four kids, and three of them pretty much one after the other!)

But now that Keira started pulling  herself up to stand at 8 months, which was earlier than her sisters, I do believe that Jaiden was doing it so that early as well.  Jaiden was a very active baby, just like Keira.  In fact, he was the only one of my children who actually learned to climb out of their crib.  Remembering back, it seems hard to believe that he did that as well!  But every kid is different and learns to do things at different times.

But back to Keira.  At this point, I would guess that she will be the earliest walker of the girls.  Her sisters started walking around 14 to 15 months.   While Jaiden started standing (according to the pictures) earlier than any of them, he started walking at about 12 months.  So you just never know.
I guess we’ll see!

Keira passed out on the rug, 11 1/2 months


Keira also loves to climb everything.  She’s unstoppable.  A month ago, we moved into a townhouse, and we always have to have the stairs blocked.  If they’re not blocked, she’ll start climbing them.  Once I took my eyes off her for a minute, and when I went to look for her, she was sitting at the top of the stairs, by herself in the dark, staring down at me.  That gave me the biggest scare of my life!
She’ll also climb onto anything else she can find.  She climbs on to stools.  She climbs on to her sister’s toddler bed.  Outside, she even tries to climb up on to rocks.  The thing is, I’m not sure she understands that she could fall down, so I always have to be on top of her!
Keira has also just started saying what I think is her second word, “Audgie.”  Audgie is her sister Adrianna’s nickname, which, at this point, most people call her.  (Don’t ask me how we came up with that one, because I’m not sure!)  So Keira will point at her and say, “Ahh-gee.”  It’s really cute!
I would consider her first word to be “hi,” which she started saying in response to people saying it to her  just before turning 11 months.  She has also said “mama” for awhile, but I have yet to count that as one of her first words because I like to try to distinguish her imitating sounds and general baby babble from when she actually says a word knowing the meaning (i.e. she knows who Audgie is).  I’m not positive she’s said “mama” directly referring to me, or if it was just baby babble.
Well, that’s it for now!  I’ll post more updates as they come!

Keira, 11 months

2 Responses to “Keira’s Progress: Keira Turns One!”
  1. miamamma35 says:

    Your little one is adorable! I thought I was a busy mom….but you’ve got your hands full for sure!!! Glad we’ve connected and can share our mommy-experiences:)

    • spectraldove says:

      Thank you and thanks for reading my blog as well! As a busy mom, I barely find the time to blog either, but I try to make an effort once in awhile. At the expense of cleaning the house… Lol!

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