Strawberry Shortcake

Okay, pretty much everyone probably knows how to make strawberry shortcake if you aren’t making the shortcake from scratch.  You buy the “shortcake” sponge cake cups at the store, slice some strawberries, toss them with some sugar, place on top of sponge cake and cover with whipped cream from a can.  (The whipped cream could also be made from scratch if you felt like it.)

While the store-bought “shortcakes” are more like sponge cake or angelfood cake, with a consistency that somewhat resembles that of a Twinky, homemade shortcake more resembles a biscuit or scone.  In my opinion, both are good, and the kids got just as excited about the store-bought version as they they would have gotten if it had been made from scratch.

So, this isn’t an actual recipe.  I’m mostly just posting this because I took some pretty pictures wanted to share!

Store-bought sponge cake "shortcake" cups and strawberries

Shortcake cups and strawberries, again.

Add whipped cream and, voila! Strawberry shortcake!

Non-homemade strawberry shortcake!

For those out there looking for a recipe to actually make strawberry shortcake from scratch, here’s one: Strawberry shortcake from  And, the recipe for whipped cream from scratch (it’s pretty simple, actually).

Maybe sometime I’ll try this myself and post some nice, authentic photos of that.

Happy strawberry shortcake eating, whether it’s store-bought, or not!

Food posts disclaimer:  I am no top chef.  But I am a mom who has to feed her family.  So my food posts basically consist of recipes or food ideas that worked for me.  Plus, I like to take pretty pictures of stuff! 

If you’re looking for a more authentic food blog that makes me wish I could eat a finished product of the food just by reading the recipe, check out

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