Turkish Food in Brookline, and Pics

Yesterday, my parents invited us to go eat in a Turkish restaurant in Brookline, which is close to where my brother lives in Jamaica Plain. My parents had eaten at the restaurant before, and my dad really liked it so he wanted to go back. Even though it is a Turkish restaurant, it’s called Family Restaurant. Strange.

So, Greg and I met my parents at my brother’s studio apartment. From there, we walked to the restaurant, which probably took about 15 to 20 minutes.

Inside, the place was pretty empty. In front, there was a counter with a menu on the wall behind it like in many pizza/sub shops and also a glass case with Turkish pastries and other deserts.

Although I had never eaten Turkish food before, it seemed pretty similar to Greek food, which I have had many times, with falafel and lamb, etc. I found this interesting because Greg is actually 1/4 Greek (his mom’s dad is 100%). Plus, almost every time we go to the Fanieul Hall area of Boston, we eat in the Public Market food court area so Greg can get a plate from the Greek place that has lamb, rice, salad and grape leaves.

Since Turkey and Greece are right next to each other and have experienced some cultural mixing over the ages, it makes sense that their food might be similar. And although I’m sure they think of themselves as distinct, I don’t know much about this area so I don’t know what any differences in their food might be.

Turkish dinner plates seemed a little pricey (in the $16-18 range), so Greg and I decided to get sandwiches (which were more in the $9 range). I got falafel and he got something with lamb. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ (Sad face because I’m a vegetarian.)

After eating, we walked back to my brother’s place by way of Jamaica Pond, taking some pics along the way. Overall, it was a pretty simple but fun trip with the fam!

Me in a park in Jamaica Plain. I used to really like this pic of me, but now I think it looks kind of squinty and slouchy. Oh well.

Greg in a park in Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Pond, Mass.


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