Getting Back into Writing

So, not long after attempting to start this blog, I lost interest. I was thinking too hard about what to write, and what might be interesting or relevant (although whether or not it was is questionable…), and also about what would be appropriate to share with the public, since blogging is such a public forum. And I bored myself. I wasn’t inspired about what I was writing, so I wasn’t inspired to write. Not that I don’t like the entries I already wrote, but I wasn’t inspired to write any more. If that makes any sense.

But theoretically, I still like to write. And I still want to get back into writing more. So today I was thinking about how I used to write in journals all the time in high school. Then I started thinking about how sad it is that I never really write about what’s going on in my life anymore. There is some part of me that, for some reason, doesn’t want to lose my past experiences and feels the need to record them in some fashion. Maybe it’s because I don’t have that great of a memory, who knows.

I definitely recorded everything in high school, but ever since I had my son seven years ago, I pretty much stopped. Except for the occasional lame attempt to start writing again, which consisted of a single journal entry complaining about how I never write anymore (sound familiar), and pretty much stopped with that.

I think another reason why I stopped writing is that I grew up and realized that complaining about life (in this case, in the form of journal writing) doesn’t really get you anywhere and gets repetitive after awhile. Of course, not all I did was complain when I used to fill, um, about a notebook per month back in high school. Back then, I was pretty much obsessing over the boys I liked and my social situation, like any normal teenager. Plus, I’m sure I detailed some of the adventures I had with my friends, and since I hung out with the group termed the “freaks” by the other kids in my high school, some of the things we did were actually quite interesting. Maybe I’ll go back and write a novel about it someday. Haha.

But after I got older, met my ex-husband-to-be and had my son, I grew increasingly unhappy with my relationship. So it seemed like anything I had to say in a journal entry was a complaint. Plus, once you have your first baby, you realize that the free time you have for yourself decreases to almost about zero. You can’t really blow off your baby to write in your journal for hours in the same way that you can blow off, say, all of your studying in high school. Woops. Lol.

But getting back to the subject of blogging… I think it can be safe to say that in today’s day and age, journal writing has been largely replaced with blogging. And although I like writing in a journal, typing on a computer does seem a bit faster and more efficient, which might help solve my problem of not being able to find time to write because of my kids. So that is one positive argument for me to blog.

A blogging cat.

A blogging cat.

HOWEVER, there is one major difference between blogging and journal writing that I feel would affect me. Journal writing is private. Blogging is entirely public. I’ve never been one of those people who feels comfortable telling my problems to the world and am normally quite private about them. But I’ve found that in order to really get the most out of writing from personal experience, you have to let it all out. So, hmmm….

I mean, so far I haven’t publicized my blog to all of my family and friends, and I haven’t post the link on Facebook like some people do. My status updates and the photos I post on Facebook are about as much personal information as I disclose to my 200 or so Facebook “friends” (i.e. people I’ve met at least once in my life). So I guess I could just write whatever I feel like writing and keep my blog anonymous. Who cares if someone you’ve never meet and never will meet knows all about your personal life, right??

But who knows, maybe I’ll get to the point of wanting to be more publicized.

So, in conclusion, I guess I’ll just see where this blogging thing takes me. My attempt at blogging, take two. Hopefully I’ll be inspired to write about stuff, not worrying if it’s quality enough to be accepted as an article in a magazine. And hopefully I’ll find the time to type for a few minutes every few days, between taking care of kids, struggling with the never-ending task of keeping the apartment clean, and the other things that I do. We’ll see how this goes.

p.s. This is a cool site I found about journal writing:


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