Jake’s The Bachelor: Vienna was a Good Choice

Yes, I’m sappy enough to watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette series on ABC. Obviously, it doesn’t always result in lasting relationships, but for my favorite couples, I always hope that it will.

The Bachelor with Jake Pavelka has just ended, and he got engaged to Vienna Girardi. I’m happy for them! The show kind of portrayed Vienna as the most controversial woman, with most of the other women ganging up on her from the beginning. But to tell you the truth, she was always my favorite.

Bachelor Jake Pavelka with his pick, Vienna Girardi

When the other women were talking smack about her and saying things like, “If Jake sees something in her, I don’t know what he can possibly see in me because we’re so different!” (this is not a direct quote, but you get the idea), I honestly didn’t see anything wrong with her. She always took their criticism a lot more graciously than most people would have and seemed to stay humble, never lashing back at anybody.

Vienna, bachelor Jake's final choice

In my opinion, if all of the controversy about her on the show made anyone look bad, it was the women who kept talking badly about her. It made them look petty and rude, like the snobby, mean girls in high school who gang up on girls who aren’t as “popular” as they are. Of all the women in the house, Ali Fedotowsky was the worst. I’m glad that Ali eventually apologized about how she treated Vienna on the reunion show, but seeing Ali constantly be so spiteful towards Vienna throughout the show really turned me off to her.

So Jake ended up picking Vienna in the end, despite the other women’s opinions of her, and I was glad. I had rooted for her all along, and I hope she and Jake make it work in the long run.

Jake with the runner-up for his heart, Tenley Molzahn

The second-runner-up in the competition for Jake’s heart, Tenley Molzahn, was a really sweet girl. I hope she finds a good guy who will be devoted to her forever (which she totally deserves, and I’m sure she will), but I can see why Jake didn’t end up picking her. She was the safe choice. There was no question that she would have been a totally devoted and loving wife and mother, which I think Jake recognized. This was probably one of the main reasons why he didn’t let her go for so long. But I think what was missing with Tenley, which Jake tried to explain to her, was passion.

Tenley was safe and sweet, but she didn’t make Jake feel passionate about loving her like Vienna did. He may have been trying to talk himself into picking Tenley for awhile because she seemed like the perfect wife/mother package, but you can’t force yourself to feel passionate about someone. I believe that if both people don’t feel that “spark” for one another, as Jake described it, then a relationship won’t work in the long run.

I’m happy for Jake and Vienna and I hope they end up making it work. Their personalities don’t exactly match — he seems a bit more straight-laced and Southern and she seems more outspoken and young — but personalities don’t have to be identical to make a relationship work.ย  Often, opposite qualities compliment each other. My husband and I couldn’t be any more different when it comes to some aspects of our personalities, but there was that “spark” that Jake spoke of, where we just knew we had to be together, and the rest you work out. As far as I’m concerned, we’re a match made in heaven! ๐Ÿ™‚

The next bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky

So that’s my take on Jake’s season of The Bachelor!

Next will be The Bachelorette. And guess who the new bachelorette is going to be? Ali! A sarcastic “Yay!” Haha. Well, I’ve already expressed that I didn’t like the way she treated Vienna, but I’ll start watching it anyway. Maybe she’ll grow on me…

Oh, and by the way, look for Jake on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars, starting on Monday, March 22.ย  It sounds like someone doesn’t want to get out of the spotlight.ย  But I will definitely be watching because I also love that show, along with other dancing/singing competition shows.ย  Hopefully, Jake’s relationship with Vienna will last through the long hours he will have to spend practicing dancing.ย  Which makes you wonder, when does he ever have time to fly planes?

One Response to “Jake’s The Bachelor: Vienna was a Good Choice”
  1. spectraldove says:

    Reading this a few years later, I find this hilarious because, as anyone who pays attention to The Bachelor drama knows, Jake and Vienna had a horrible, public breakup that made me see Jake as a controlling, uncaring guy who probably just did The Bachelor for publicity and to become famous. Later, both Jake and Vienna were on Bachelor Pad, where Jake made a huge show of being humble and trying to make up for bad blood between him and Vienna… probably in an attempt to fix his public image. For me, his attempt was somewhat successful. Vienna spent the whole show hating Jake and, with her new boyfriend, trying to plot to get rid of him. This made her seem like the bad guy. The whole thing got kind of annoying by the time Jake did get voted off the show, and Vienna and her boyfriend Casey continued to be annoying until the show concluded. Why do I watch these things?? Lol.

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