Celtics Game

Us, on the elevator coming down from the parking garage. I tried to get a good pic of us a bunch of times, but failed miserably.

Last week, the hubby and I went to a Celtics game at the Boston Garden. They were playing the New York Knicks. It was my Valentine’s Day present to him. I was pretty proud of myself for surprising him with something he really liked. (It had been between that and an iPod. But since he finally became eligible for a cell upgrade this month, he was able to replace the Go-phone he had been using since he broke his old iPhone with a new iPhone. So, the iPod didn’t turn out to be a very good idea.)

I had to get my mom to agree to babysit ahead of time. Jaiden and Adrianna would be fine since they are six-years and 21-months old, but I assumed 7-month-old Alyssandra would be more problematic since she hadn’t done well during the few short nighttime babysits we had tried in the past.

Since I’m a stay-at-home-mom and also still nursing her, she is used to me being with her all the time. And although she does fine with daytime babysits, at night she expects me to be there and has spent more time up crying than actually sleeping during past attempts. But my mother kindly agreed to possibly sacrifice sleep to babysit for the occasion. She realizes that healthy relationships require getting out and having some alone time once in awhile!

Greg requested to get out of work at 4:30 instead of the usual 5:30 so we could make it to the Garden by 7:30. Unfortunately, he still had to work at seven the next morning. But Tuesday was the only night I could get tickets for various reasons including that there were no daytime games on Greg’s days off except for one Sunday in April when the tickets were twice as expensive. And why spend twice as much if you don’t have to (if you’re not independently wealthy)? But sleep deprivation is totally worth it when you’re going to a Celtics game, right?

Eddie House, recently traded to the New York Knicks, salutes the fans of his former team as they chant, “Eddie! Eddie!”

After dropping the kids off at my parents, we drove into Boston and got to the game at almost exactly 7:30. We were starving from not eating dinner, so we missed the opening to get cheese pizza for me and a chicken parm wrap for him. By the time we got to our seats, the entire stadium was cheering for Eddie House, who had just been traded from the Celtics to the New York Knicks, chanting, “Eddie! Eddie!” What awesome fans we are in Boston, showing appreciation for a former player!

The Celtics playing the New York Knicks, 2/23/10

The Celtics vs. the Knicks in the Boston Garden

So, the game was really close all the way through, with Boston maintaining about a 10 point lead up until about the fourth quarter, when the Knicks closed the gap. Towards the end, the scores were really close and there was no telling who was going to win. Finally, Boston pulled it off, winning by four points.

Since I’m no sports journalist, there are some professional accounts of how the game went on Boston.com.

Overall, I think it was a great Valentine’s Day gift for the hubby. It was something special that he didn’t get to do every day, and we had a good time.

(I won’t even get into the drive home that took us a good three hours because, after being stuck at the top of the parking garage for half an hour, we tried to avoid the Mass Pike after realizing we had absolutely NO cash left for tolls, and THEN, when his navigation kept trying to take us back to the Mass Pike, we found an ATM in the ghetto of Dorchester, and THEN, when we tried the navigation again, we were taken down 93 to 495, not even needing the cash for tolls we had gotten, and THEN, after finally picking up the kids at my parents house, we had to drive the remaining 25 miles back to our place at 25 m.p.h. because it had started to snow heavily, the roads were immediately covered, and there was zero visibility more than 10 feet in front of our car except for a blur of white flurries flying into the windshield. No, I won’t even mention that. But Greg being sleep deprived the next day was definitely a given.)

Yeah, it was definitely a good time!

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, Alyssandra was awake and crying when we picked her up, but had slept from about 9 to 11 before that.


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