Adrianna’s Lollipop

Adrianna, 19 months
Adrianna, 19 months

the cutest bed-head!

Adrianna never ceases to surprise me. She is 21 months now. Tonight before bed, she got a hold of one of the lollipops her brother got from Fun and Games and was carrying it around, trying to open the wrapper.

“No lollipops right now,” I told her. “It’s time for bed and we have to brush our teeth and get our bottle.”

“Brush teeth,” she said (it sounds like “ush eet”), to show me that she was being agreeable.

But she didn’t let go of the lollipop. We went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. I laid her in her crib with her bottle like I usually do. She still hadn’t put down the lollipop, which I hadn’t taken away from her to avoid a screaming fit, which seem to happen all to frequently at this age when she doesn’t get what she wants.

“It’s time to drink your bottle, not have a lollipop,” I said.

She put the lollipop down next to her in the crib, again pretending to be agreeable. But something told me that she wasn’t just going to forget about it. I walked away for a minute and, sure enough, when I came back she had the lollipop and was trying to open the wrapper.

This is what I suspected would happen when I saw her put it down, but at the same time I was surprised! She’s not even two yet and she’s trying to trick me by putting the lollipop down and pretending to be a good girl while having every intention of trying to open it and eat it once I walked away! I knew she was smart, but I never expected her to be so sneaky at her young age!

In not taking the pop from her, I had kind of hoped she wouldn’t be able to open the wrapper, but it looked like she was making progress. Thankfully, the problem was solved by her dad. Adrianna had smugly set the lollipop down again after I caught her with it, again waiting for me to walk away. Greg, who was saying goodnight to her, pointed to her teddy bear, and when she looked towards it, swiftly swooped the lollipop out of her crib. The poor thing was probably left searching for it in her crib once we left the room. I almost felt bad for my sneaky little girl! But not a cry was heard from her room, meaning she had given up on the lollipop and gone to sleep.

My little girl surprises me more every day!


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